FAQ's How much do you charge and will there be any extra to pay?

Our hire fees are based on the size of the show required for the venue, the duration and location of your function. We have different shows for different sized events from small intimate parties for a few guests to huge public events for many thousand. All are fully inclusive.

The only time further costs will be incurred, is when the DJ is required by the client to play for longer than specified on the contract. The fees for any additional playing time will have been detailed at the outset and shown in the signed contract.

Does it make any difference to the cost if my party is upstairs?

In 98% of venues in London and the south of England, we do not charge any extra for going upstairs. If you book in one of the 2% that are, we will inform you from the outset and why this extra charge is levied. We need to ask you which floor to ensure the DJ knows where he/she is going and whether they should allow a little more time if they are not on the ground floor.   Top Of Page

Do you issue a contract and confirm in writing?

Yes, a contract will be sent out to you detailing all aspects of your event along with a set of Terms and Conditions of Hire. Once we receive the signed contract along with the deposit, copies will be sent to the DJ for signing. When we have all copies back and duly signed, we will sign them and send you a fully signed copy. This may sound rather long winded, however, it is for your peace of mind. Once we have received the signed contract and the deposit has cleared the bank, we will send you confirmation of your booking.   Top Of Page

How can I be sure you won't let me down?

The contract is signed by you, us and the DJ; it is specific to your event and legally binding to all parties. In the rare event of an emergency preventing the DJ from attending, once we have been informed of the situation, we will endeavour to supply a replacement. This is all detailed in our Terms & Conditions of Hire.   Top Of Page

Have you got Public Liability Insurance?

OnStage has £10m of Public Liability Insurance cover. Although every DJ we give work to has PLI cover, the amount may vary.   Top Of Page

What about Health & Safety – is your equipment tested?

Every electrical item of OnStage equipment and cabling is regularly PAT tested in accordance with the HSE's' Electricity at Work Act 1989. Although there is no legal requirement to produce a certificate, since they don't exist, however, companies do create there own version, it is a legal requirement to produce the documentation if requested, therefore copies of our test records are available in PDF format upon request.   Top Of Page

Can I speak to the DJ before the function?

Yes. Once we have received the DJ’s signed part of the contract, we will gladly arrange for him or her to call and introduce themselves, whereby you can discuss any aspects of your function with them.

How far away is the DJ coming from?

Here at OnStage, as well as ourselves, we have many DJs within a 200 mile radius of Bishop's Stortford. Many are old friends and have been vetted personally. Unless you request a particular DJ, yours will be within 30 miles of your venue. Once the DJ has accepted, signed and returned his part of the contract, he is legally bound to attend, even if he has to drive down from his long lost Aunt in Scotland.

What will the DJ wear?

Our dress code is smart casual; however, if you require a particular dress code, please make this known when making your enquiry.

How long do you need to set up, and how much space do you require?

For the majority of functions DJ's will require about an hour for both set up and break down, with an area of approximately 5m x 2m to work in. Note: asking the DJ to set up in a corner of a room is not really ideal since it can take up to 50% more floor area than setting up along a wall.   Top Of Page

What kind of music do you play?

OnStage DJ's have 15 - 40+ years experience in the disco entertainment business. They are all very knowledgeable in most genres of popular music from the 50’s to the current charts. There are three of us DJ’s who's knowledge extends as far back as the late 20’s, although we are still quite young ourselves.

Do you play requests?

YES. We are here to play what YOU want and not, as in so many cases, what the DJ wants. We encourage all of our clients to become involved in the choice of music played, by sending us a play list of their favourite artist, titles or musical styles. The completed list will be passed on to the DJ in advance to help him/her prepare for your function. As a guideline, it is possible to play between 15 to 20 songs / hour.   Top Of Page

How do I pay?

A deposit will be required with the signed returned contract engaging our services, and the balance needs to be paid no later than fourteen days prior to the function. If, however, our services are engaged less than one calendar month prior to the event, then the full balance will be required with the signed returned contract. All bookings are confirmed in writing either by email or post and a receipt/invoice will be provided. Further details on payment and cancellations can be found in our Terms & Conditions of Hire.   Top Of Page

What kind of lighting do you use?

Although every DJ’s uses different lighting to that displayed in the OnStage brochure, they all conform to the same high standards we have set ourselves. What is installed into a venue will be determined by the power and space available.

Strobes and Smoke/Haze machines - If used sensibly, can dramatically enhance the effect on the dance floor. These are available upon request when booking at no extra cost. However, please check in advance whether your venue allows their use. More importantly, that none of your guests are affected by them, particularly if they suffer from epilepsy or asthma.   Top Of Page