To create the right atmosphere for your event, it is important to have the right lighting. Although every show comes with a certain amount of lighting, with a little imagination and a few additions we can create the perfect ambiance.

Our lighting ranges from star cloth backgrounds and the humble pin spot to intelligent moving light rigs and high powered single or multi-colour lasers, all using state of the art control systems to create the perfect atmosphere.

For the larger indoor or outdoor events, all of our lighting systems come complete with road crew and technicians to set them up and operate them.


Laser light is the most spectacular form of light available to today’s lighting designers. Using new solid state lasers and harnessing the processing power of modern day computer technology with fibre optics and water screens, your corporate logo and images can be projected in full colour and turned into three dimensional animations creating some of the most vivid and stunning visual effects you will ever see. Even George Lucas would be impressed.

Just give us a ring to discuss your requirements.