Music Policy
  Our Promise to You    

We always encourage our clients to become involved in choosing the type of music for their event. However, all OnStage DJs are very experienced in setting the mood and assessing what the crowd wants and would be happy to make those choices for you on the night. We guarantee to play as much from any supplied playlist and music requested on the night as possible, subject to the limitation of the specified playing times.

With a very substantial record library to choose from, covering practically every genre of popular music from the late 1920’s to the present day, I'm sure there will be something for everyone. And if we don't have it, we will attempt to acquire it for you.

We would ask that playlists are submitted one month prior to the event, which would give us time to aquire any tracks we may not have. We can generally get most UK releases, however, foreign ones are less predictable. In the unlikely event that we are unable to aquire a song, you will be notified in good time, In this age of technology you could always email us an mp3 or bring along your CD on the day and the DJ will play it for you.

On the night of your function at an appropriate time, usually early on in the proceedings, many of out DJ's will mingle with your guests, introduce themselves and take requests. This tends to be a great way of breaking the ice and getting some great material for the evening, thus ensuring that no-one goes home disappointed.