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  Although we would love you to book us for your next function, our main aim is to provide you with the information needed so that you can make the right decision for you. Here are some very important questions that you should be asking your prospective DJ or any form of entertainment that you are considering booking.

  Do   Reason
  1. Check if the disco issues a legal contract with a set of Terms & Conditions or at least confirms your booking in writing.
- If you do not have a contract or confirmation in writing and your disco lets you down, you will have little no recourse to legal action since you will have no proof of ever having booked one. A professionally run company will always issue a contract.
  2. Ask if the disco has its electrical equipment regularly PAT tested and documented. - Although there's no such thing as a PAT test Certificate, many companies will have what looks like one. It is however, a legal requirement for businesses to have their electrical equipment regularly tested and documented by a competent person. A professional company will.

  3. Check if the disco has sufficient Public Liability Insurance (PLI). £3M to £5M should be adequate for the average event. - Should any guest or person attending your event be seriously injured due to the negligence of the disco or its staff, a claim can be made against their PLI. If your disco does not have any and someone gets injured, you can be in the court system for years trying to claim compensation. Having said that, I've never known of an incident in my time, but would you want to take that risk? You, being the organiser will be the one the injured party will claim off. In a way, it works a bit like motor insurance. Every professionally run business dealing with the public must have PLI.

  4. Will the DJ be prepared to play from a play list? - The answer to this one should always be yes. You are booking the services of a discotheque and play lists are part of the service. Every professionally run discotheque will work from one.
  Do Not    
  1. I realise that everyone has a budget and cost plays a large part in the equation, but If you are wholly focused on cost, the likelihood of getting the wrong company is high. If you put more of the focus on what the company can do for you, then you stand a better chance of getting the right company - Many people who phone up looking for a disco, start the conversation with a question, "How much do you charge"? I have never met a telepathic DJ yet, since this prospective client has not yet asked for anything. Is it not more important to know what you really want and what the disco company can do for you. We are certainly not the most expensive disco around and we are not the cheapest but we are probably one of the most realistic and reasonably priced. Check out what it costs to run a small disco costing analysis.

  2. Do Not rush your decision, leave yourself plenty of time; do your research. I know times are hard but NEVER go for the cheapest option unless you are 100% convinced that you have the right person for the job. If you do it WILL cost you one way or another, of that there is no doubt. - Book as early as possible to secure your date and DJ. Return the contract with the deposit, then save up for the balance. Some companies may even have a payment plan, ask, but DON'T FORGET - CHEAP is usually ALWAYS far more expensive in the long term. It costs a lot of time and money to run a discotheque professionally and it is absolutely impossible to do one for £120 unless you subsidise it from your daytime wage as so many do. Fact - it's not rocket science.

I've known many DJ's who would let their client down if they got £20 more elsewhere. They are certainly not professional,no contracts or written confirm, and now that we have the internet, it's even more challenging to find someone without getting ripped off.

Remember, good discotheques are often booked many months or even years in advance.

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