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Sound Systems

Music is at the heart of every show, therefore, the sound system is one of the most important elements. Here at OnStage, we use one of the worlds finest touring grade sound systems.

Nexo Logo

Designed and manufactured in France by NEXO, I am sure everybody will hear and appreciate the depth and clarity of the sound quality in every song.


Since we believe that we provide outstanding value for money in our shows, we do not charge any extra for this high class sound system, it is all part of the excellent service Onstage offers.


Because our NEXO Sound System is flexible, it can be used for both large and small events alike, providing crystal clear audio everywhere. When the dance floor needs that extra burst of energy, they can provide staggering volume levels in abundance with an extended deep bass, the sound quality remains pure and clean with no distortion.


It is worth pointing out that NEXO sound systems are used in some of the worlds finest night clubs and concert arenas.

Why Is NEXO So Good?
For the techies reading this: Apart from NEXO's pure hi-fi quality sound, they have a unique patented asymmetrical horn system that evenly disperses crystal clear audio from the front of the dance floor to the back of the venue, also each speaker has a maximum SPL of 132db @ 1m... That's loud in anyone's books!

Lighting Systems

Our lighting we use to create spectacular effects both on and around your dance floor. We have a stock of various types of effects lighting, from the humble pinspot to high powered 3D lasers, uplighters to ultra violet.

Mood Lighting: Mood lighting, venue lighting or up-lighting is used to create an ambient atmosphere in a venue, it can be used to enhance architectural features in a room and even sequenced to music to energise the room for dancing.

Data Projectors: Projecting images ie graphics, photos or video on to white walls, ceilings or screens.

Moving Heads: These are powerful LED projectors that can move in all directions. They can project a combination of images, colours and prismatic effects around the room to music or simply placed in a static position.

Moving Head

Ultra Violet: This light appears a very deep purple but in fact cannot be seen by the human eye, however, its effect on certain inks and materials can. It makes the colours in them stand out and glow in the dark. UV parties can often feature whole rooms decorated in UV paint with guests wearing UV-sensitive make-up and party jewellery.

Lasers: Are one of the most spectacular and versatile forms of lighting available to today's lighting designers. A laser lighting display can be a fantastic and memorable addition to a performance and/or event. Our lasers feature in many of our shows to create names, scrolling messages, logos, mid air beam effects and 3D graphics in any one of 16.7 million colours, then animated and projected around the room.


Creating a spectacular laser show will often require careful planning, and since we use high power lasers, they must also be setup and operated within strict safety guidelines.

Most venues that we perform in require careful planning to get the best from a laser show, location of the laser display with respect to the audience is very important from a safety aspect, the venue size and available space are also crucial.

Ideal Venues for Laser Shows will generally have high ceilings with lots of clear air (no chandeliers or reflective surfaces) with the laser show facing down the length of the room rather than across it. The best venues will also have full control over their air conditioning and be fitted with heat alarms rather than smoke alarms.