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How much do you charge and will there be any extra to pay?

Our fees are based on the following:


  • Type of show required
  • Size of show required, based on Venue and numbers attending
  • Duration
  • Location of your event


All prices are fully inclusive. Extra costs are only be incurred when the client (on the night) requires the DJ to play longer than specified on the contract. However, any extra fees are always detailed in the contract prior to signing.

Does it make any difference to the cost if my party is upstairs?

In most venues we do not charge any extra for going upstairs, if the access is good and the venue has an adequate lift system (based on size and loading). Any additional charge will be incorporated into the quote to allow for the estimated extra time it will take to load in and load out. Onstage will not undertake any work on the upper floor in venues without a lift system.

Do you issue a contract and confirm in writing?

Yes, a contract will be sent out to you detailing all aspects of your event along with a set of Terms and Conditions of Hire. Once we receive the signed contract along with the deposit, we will sign it and send you a copy. Once the deposit has cleared the bank, we will send you confirmation of your booking.

How can I be sure you won't let me down?

We have both agreed and signed a contract; it is specific to your event and legally binding to all parties. In the rare event of an emergency preventing the us from attending, we will endeavour to supply a replacement. This is all detailed in our Terms & Conditions of Hire.

Have you got Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

Yes. OnStage has £10m of PLI cover. A PDF copy is available here.

Is your equipment PAT tested?

Yes. Every item of equipment and cabling is regularly PAT tested in accordance with the Electricity at Work Act 1989. A copy of our test records are available in PDF format upon request.

What will the DJ wear?

Our dress code is smart casual; if you require a specific dress code, please make this known when making your enquiry.

How long do you need to set up, and how much space do you require?

For most functions we require an hour for both set up and break down, with an area of approximately 5m x 2m to work in.

What kind of music do you play?

OnStage will play what you and your guests want, whether it is a supplied play-list or requests on the evening. Although bare in mind, we can only play about 15 to 20 songs an hour.

How do I pay?

We require a deposit with the signed returned contract engaging our services, with the balance paid no later than fourteen days prior to the event. Instalments can be arranged by prior notice. If our services are engaged less than one calendar month prior to the event, then the full balance will be required with the signed returned contract. All bookings are confirmed in writing either by email or post and a receipt/invoice will be provided. Further details on payment and cancellations can be found in our Terms & Conditions of Hire.

What kind of lighting do you use?

This will vary from function to function. We use a range of LED Moving Heads, LED Sweepers, LED Mirror ball simulators, Par cans, Pinspots  and high power lasers, strobes and haze generators.


We'll keep your party rockin'

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The home of disco entertainment since 1971


We'll keep your party rockin'
The home of disco entertainment since 1971


We'll keep your party rockin'
The home of disco entertainment since 1971
We'll keep your party rockin'